Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses!

designer sun glasses for less


This weekend is all about top Spring/Summer “must haves.”  Today it’s all about your sunglasses!  Never leave home without them…

It’s so important that your sunglasses are both UVA & UVB protected.  Some of the cheapie ones may look good but are they really “protecting your peepers?”  If there’s no label adhering to the lenses I can guarantee they are not UVA/UVB glasses.  Put them down immediately and walk away…!

It’s not that hard to find a style worthy pair that will keep your eyes from harm.  Sunglass Hut, Marshalls & T.J.Maxx, and Target all have UVA/UVB sunglasses.  Every now and then you can also get a deal at a department store like Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s when they are having a sale.

Make sure they fit comfortably around your ears and lay nicely on the bridge of your nose.  I prefer big glasses as shown above.  I DO NOT want the sun getting in my eyes or aiming directly at the sides of my eyes. No “crows feet” wanted here!

Remember to take your time. Walk around with them on before purchasing. You should love them!