DIY Mother’s Day Gift With eos

mother's day gifts

With Mother’s Day just a week away, it’s time to get a little creative this year. While beauty products are always the way to any women’s heart, kids can put a little spin on it with some creative DIY. Eos has a variety of flavored lip balms from their sparkling, metallic Shimmer Lip Balms ($5.49) to the SPF Active Protection ($3.29) lines, to their classic Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balms ($3.29), incorporating these within the Mother’s Day gift will be sure to brighten up your mom’s day!


From soccer games to dance competitions, mom has always been the #1 cheerleader! Kids can show their appreciation by hand making her an award ribbon!  Cut a circle big enough to fit an eos lip balm. Fold the circle accordion style. Cut another circle to place on top of the accordion style circle. Take two pieces of ribbon and lay them on top of each other in 45 degree angle. Use stickers to add any text, ie. “You Are So Balm” or “#1 Mom”.


Flowers can be expensive and the typical gift for Mother’s Day. Create your own bouquet of flowers with eos.  All you have to do is outline a shape of a flower, outlining five petals. Do three to four layers of the flower outline of varying sizes. Next, you’ll cut a hole in each in order to fit the eos lip balm inside. Screw the lip balm so it’s held in place. Use a wooden stick and tape to the back of the eos balm. Put them into a little vase and gift them as a bouquet. For something a little more simple, you can glue the floral on a card.