Skyy Hadley’s DIY Hand and Foot Treatment

Skyy Hadley’s Luxury Rejuvenating Hot Cream At-Home Hand and Foot Treatment


1)    Remove all nail polish with a gentle polish remover

2)    Begin by sloughing off winter’s dead and dry skin with a homemade sugar scrub (salt scrubs can be drying or irritating) made of sugar, a few drops of vegetable glycerin and a few drops of an uplifting essential oil such as peppermint or rosemary.

3)    Gently rub hands together to scrub away dullness. Use a wash cloth to rub the scrub into your feet. Remove scrub with a warm wet cloth.

4)    Next, Skyy tells consumers to not soak fingers or feet in water. By doing this you are actually drawing the moisture OUT of your skin

5)    Instead, heat up 4 plastic baggies full of a thick, luxurious cream and add a few drops of an invigorating essential oil such as tangerine, ylang ylang, or chamomile, they all work great.  Heat until very warm but not too hot.  Hands and feet need only need about 2 minutes in bags for moisture to penetrate to the skin.

6)    Remove hands and feet from bag and massage cream into skin, wiping off any excess

7)    Make sure there is no cream on nails before applying polish.

Lauren B Polishing Hand Scrub

If you have really dry skin, Skyy recommends using a hand scrub to exfoliate skin before applying the hot cream treatment. One that Skyy really likes is Lauren B. Beauty’s Polishing Hand Scrub, which is a blend of super-fine oil beads, amino acids, and antioxidants such as Aloe Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E to brighten, soothe, heal chapping and protect against environmental damage.

Love this scrub! My hands look 10 years younger:)