Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular all around the globe allowing couples to completely design their wedding ceremony to fit the location.   Be it a coastal wedding, country chic or a wedding in the woods at the base of a mountain by a crystal blue lake, many couples are choosing to marry at a location far from home and the options for destinations are limitless.  Should this be your option, light and airy is most likely on your mind when it comes to travel so pack light! 

Though beautiful in their own right, no one wants to deal with bulky, weighty, cumbersome and voluminous dresses when packing to go or walking barefoot in the sand or along a grassy green knoll. 

Beautiful as they may be, the bride has to remember the return trip after the honeymoon.  So if you are going for the chic “boho bride” look with feathered clips and heather in your hair instead of tiaras and princess jewelry, Berta, Wilderly Bride, Winnie Couture, Rivini, CocoMelody and Jessica Bedard Shoes all have some amazing options for that earthy, lilthe and ethereal “Indian Summer” wedding!  Soft, languid, flowy and unrestricting in design, these lightweight goddess styled wedding dresses will give her the unconstricted freedom she is looking for and most assuredly lives her life by.