DECLEOR Paris Illuminates Skin


Before you can even think about getting ready for the Red Carpet you need to focus on good skin and good skincare products that will help illuminate your face and make you sizzle!

DECLÉOR has been a premium Professional Aromatherapy Skincare expert for 40 years and is committed to harnessing the best of the plant world for the health of your skin.   With a legacy rooted in the science of plant energies combined with an in-depth understanding of the body’s vital energies, DECLÉOR focuses on naturality, sensoriality and efficiency.


1.       DECLÉOR Néroli Hydrating Serum is a 100% pure, natural, and active essential oil treatment concentrate which deeply hydrates the skin revealing a balanced, radiant complexion. It is 100% preservative-free, with a relaxing natural fragrance from the blend of essential oils. Its quick-absorbing, silky dry-oil texture perfectly penetrates skin to treat from within. For the first time, new DNA tests reveal that AROMESSENCE™ Néroli Hydrating Serum for daytime use is the skin’s best defense for hydrating the skin and has proven its ability to hydrate for 24 hours.

2.       NEW Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel Cream incorporates micro-droplets of essential oils into a water-based gel to create a fresh, fluid formula that deeply hydrates and protects the skin.  Used daily, it leaves skin perfectly hydrated and comfortable, with a beautiful texture and inner glow. Ideal for normal to combination skin. Apply in the morning and evening to a cleansed face and neck after AROMESSENCE™ Neroli.

3.       NEW Anti-Pollution Hydrating Active Lotion is a moisturizing essence that provides both immediate and long term hydration. Fresh and light like a dew, the formula is quickly absorbed and deeply penetrates the skin to leave it perfectly hydrated, comfortable and soothed. Apply in the morning and evening to a cleansed face and neck after AROMESSENCE™ Neroli.  Use alone or followed by Hydra Floral Light Cream, Hydra Floral Rich Cream or Hydra Floral BB Cream to boost hydration.

4.       NEW Intense Nutrition Hydra-Nourishing Duo Mask is an intensive mask directly inspired from the beautician expertise for dry skin— hydrating first for better nutrition. The original 2-step mask offers two phases with different textures for the ultimate surge of hydration and nourishment. While slowly massaged onto the face, neck and neckline, the unique texture of this mask transforms into a delicate oil, providing nutrients and fatty acids to skin suffering from tightness and discomfort.

·         Phase 1: Hydration— A rich gel which provides a fresh soothing sensation. Apply to the face and neck in a thin layer and leave on for approximately five minutes.

·         Phase 2: Nutrition— A unique nourishing texture that transforms into oil. After phase 1 application, apply the same quantity in a circular upward motion and leave on for 10 minutes until absorbed.