Curly Hair Perfection With ECRU NY

I usually was my hair, let it dry naturally and HATE the way it looks…So, I take my curling iron and start randomly curling my hair to make my natural wave and curls look decent.

After receiving a beautiful box full of Hair and makeup goodies from ECRU New York, I noticed a few “curly hair” products and decided to take a risk…Will they or won’t they work…

I washed my hair with ECRU New York’s Sea Clean Shampoo, towel dried my hair then applied Curl Perfect as per the instructions on the bottle.  I crunched the “styling potion” into my hair and let it air dry…Fingers crossed this time.

Cooked dinner and then…was not expecting what I saw after 30 mins…

Scooby doo!!!! WOW! I actually liked my hair!  Even my hubby said that my hair looked good…which btw, he never says after I let it air dry:)!

Next morning I woke up to my hair still looking full and awesome.  Sprayed some ECRU New York Curl Perfect Rejuvenating Moisture Mist and headed out the door to take my yoga flow class…As you can see by my first photo, hair still looks fab!


Thanks ECRU xoxo