Create Smoldering Eyes

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Why not step away from the usual black eyeliner and create eye-catching looks, from a whisper of subtle day color, to a rich and dramatic smoldering evening intensity! Enhance your look with these unexpected pops of color from ybf beauty’s brand new beYOUtiful shades!

 gel eye liner

Gelus eyes 5- piece collection 

A creamy, smudge-proof gel formula, with smoldering off black-based undertones and unexpected shots of playful, lustrous color! The oil-free, water-resistant formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a gel base offering the look of a liquid liner and feel of a rich gel color.

With new sophisticated technology, gel-us eyes, contain special reflective pearls (shades) for multi-dimensional color that can be worn alone or layered for an intensified effect! The automatic, retractable liners allow a smooth and even application while being strong enough to last all day into evening.

Available in Shades: onyx pearl, cheering chocolate, stunning silver, wonderful white, beYOUtiful bronze

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