Cora Organic Tampons


Cora is an amazing new brand that was selected by Target to bring better period product to women that fits their lifestyle.  Their high-performing premium organic cotton tampons are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and Fearless Fit design provides with width-wise expansion and an octagonal design for maximum absorbency and leak protection.

They are sleek BPA-free compact plastic applicators for comfortable insertion and discretion with soft, quiet wrappers.  Available in two sizes (regular and super) in quantities of four, 18 and 36 (18-Pack Regular, 18-Pack Super, 36-Pack Multi, 4-Pack Multi).

 was created to further elevate the period experience with a more stylish and convenient design.

Storage Box: The bottom portion of the Cora box is made of a premium soft-touch material with minimal branding to serve as a reusable storage container that can sit confidently atop a woman’s vanity or dresser

Clutch: The 4-Pack Multi, aka the “Purse Pack,” is perfectly sized to carry around all day or stash into a yoga bag or travel case

Stowaways: An individually packaged tampon great for giving to a friend (One Stowaway comes in each pack of 18 or 36 tampons)

Woman for Woman Giving Initiative

Every box of Cora purchased at Target helps to provide menstrual education and supplies to girls in need.  Cora partners with organizations in developing countries that produce and provide sustainable sanitary pads and provides menstrual health education to girls and women.

We love these tampons and love that they are working with Target! Young girls can feel well protected and safe when using Cora!