Coconuts Are The Beauty Essential All Year Long

No matter the season, you can count on coconut to do the job. Renpure’s Black Label Coconut line works magic to repair and revitalize lifeless locks… adding shine and softness to every strand. Plus, it smells fantastic and it’s safe for the entire family.


Due to their high levels of vitamins and minerals, coconut boasts significant benefits for dry locks; it fills the hair follicle with protein and addresses damage at the structural level- restoring dry, damaged, and brittle hair back to its natural states of health and moisture.

With fall and winter seasons being notorious for causing split ends, unruly frizz, on top of breakage caused by hot tools, The Black Label Coconut collection by Renpure is your complete hair care line for fighting all of that damage and keeping your hair looking great!


The Black Label Coconut line by Renpure has been infused with a multitude of Coconut Oils that work in tandem to create balanced hydration, silky-soft locks, and beautifully radiant hair.

Renpure’s Black Label Coconut collection:

·  boasts creamy, smooth coconut formulas with rich lathers

·  keeps moisture levels high on a day-to-day basis;

·  transforms tired curls into lively spirals;

·  deeply conditions and replenishes hair with antioxidants and vitamins;

·  adds extra volume when dry weather wants to leave locks dull and flat;

·  protects against breakage, split ends, and heated styling tools; and

·  provides on-the-go nourishment and shine through portable treatment mists.


The Black Label Coconut collection offers an array of coconut-infused blends to meet the needs of every hair type, and will include repairing formulas like coconut water and coconut milk shampoos and conditioners, leave-in conditioners, co-wash, cleansing conditioners, treatment masques, replenishing treatment mists, and renewing dry oils.

All Renpure products are free of harmful sulfates, parabens, harsh salts, dyes, and gluten for quality that can be seen and felt with every wash.