Scunci celebrity stylist, Laura Polko, created for Chrissy Teigen last night for the Hamilton Awards!

  • 1.Part hair in the middle and smooth out using a Mason Pearson brush. Use a hair primer to smooth out the blowout and keep hair straight.
  • 2.Collect the hair into a very sleek low ponytail.  Laura sprayed hairspray close to the hairline to remove any small flyaways, before securing with a scunci black hair tie.
  • 3.Once hair was secure in a ponytail, she knotted a piece of long black elastic cord (a few feet long), that she purchased from a fabric store, which she anchored to the scunci hair tie.
  • 4.Next, she continuously wrapped the long cord tightly from top to bottom of the ponytail to add texture.  There is no rhyme or reason, make it as close or as far apart as you want.
  • 5.Then, secure with another black scunci hair tie and anchor and loop hair through to cause a flip/loop at the bottom.
  • 6.Lastly, for any fringe or flyaways on the sides, crisscross scunci bobby pins (about 8) on with side behind the ear for added detail.