Charity Ties with Maria Shireen

charity bracelet hair ties


Functional fashion accessory company, Maria Shireen™ ( – makers of the popular b+sweet, bittersweet and signature by Maria Shireen™ collections of patent-pending hair tie bracelets, recently launched its Charity Ties™ initiative. Under this initiative, the company will offer hair tie bracelets with #BANDOFSTRENGTH engraved on them, and will include a corresponding hair tie in a color that represents the specific cause. For each bracelet sold, ten dollars ($10) will be donated to a related organization dedicated to making a positive difference. Moving forward the company expects to benefit three to four social good causes per year.

As new mom, Maria Shireen Co-Founder and CEO Shireen Thor experienced first-hand the difficult and challenging effects of postpartum depression following the birth of her son in 2015. As someone who has come through the experience and launched a successful accessories business in the process, she and her husband, Maria Shireen co-Founder Arni Thor, aim to support women through programs that address postpartum symptoms and experiences as well as through furthering research into the solutions for postpartum. With a background in engineering and medical device product development, this campaign is a perfect example of her continued dedication towards easing the challenges of others.

We love and support these bracelets!  They make great gifts and it definitely looks better to have your hair band on this gorgeous bracelet!

The bracelet ( retails for $45 and includes a white hair band as well as the #BANDOFSTRENGTH engraving.  To learn more about b+sweet, bittersweet and signature by Maria Shireen™, please visit