Celebrate National Soft Ice Cream With Bed Head!

gigi hadid

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! On August 19th, scream your heart out and celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day with a treat that delivers mouthwatering styles from Bed Head. The Bed Head Curlipops™ collectionsweetens up natural styles for massive texture and outrageous volume and creates loose curls and waves no matter your taste.

Bed Head Curlipops Tourmaline Ionic Diffuser Dryer ($34.99/target):gives your hair massive texture and outrageous volume. Complete with Tourmaline Ionic Tech, two heats and speeds for styling flexibility and a Cold Shot button to set the style, you will get the hair soft, shiny and frizz-free all at once!

bed head hair diffuser

CURLIPOPS 1″ TOURMALINE CERAMIC TAPERED STYLING IRON ($29.99): This clampless styling iron will give you loose curls on top and tight curls on the bottom without any kinks, leaving you will an all-day look that will last.

bed head curling iron

CURLIPOPS 1 ¼” TOURMALINE CERAMIC WAND ($29.99): This tourmaline ceramic iron will be the perfect tool to give you vivacious volume and endless shine all while producing springy/frizz-free styles that will last you all day.

bed head curling iron 1 1/4inch

CURLIPOPS 1″ TOURMALINE CERAMIC STYLING IRON ($29.99): If you are looking for a tool that will give your locks outrageous body, this 1” tourmaline ceramic wand is for you. This wand will leave you will voluminous loose curls and an everlasting shine.

bed head curling iron

CURLIPOPS 1 1/4″ TOURMALINE CERAMIC TEXTURED TAPERED STYLING IRON ($29.99): This tapered wand is the perfect tool to give you optimum volume on top with gorgeous curls on the bottom. No matter your hair type this textured want will hold up to the challenge and keep you waves in place.

bed head textured curling iron

CURLIPOPS 1″ TOURMALINE CERAMIC SPIRAL CURLING IRON ($29.99): If vivacious volume is what you’ve been searching for, this is the wand for you. The unique shape of this barrel will leave you with incomparable volume and bouncy curls that are sure to be a show stopper.

bed head curling iron