Burke Williams Features ThermaSol Steam Showers

This week I was blessed to spend the day at Burke Williams Day Spa in Woodland Hills, California, to try out their ThermaSol Steam Shower System.  I have been to many Burke Williams locations, and I have to say that this is by far my favorite!!!  Absolutely beautiful inside and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  They went above and beyond to make my visit “stress free.”

I brought a friend along to experience the Spa with me…Thanks Calee Parker, my dear friend and yoga instructor:). Once we were set up in the locker room, we ventured out to the spa area.  The ThermaSol Steam Shower was our last stop.  I wanted to save the best for last…As you can see by my photos, my skin looked relaxed, rejuvenated and I did sleep very well that night which is not a “usual thing” for me…

Cultures around the world indulge in the luxury of steam baths that promote health, wellness and relaxation. Steam produces a moist heat which has therapeutic benefits for the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Steam rooms are typically found in luxury spas or health clubs and are a popular amenity in private residences.

Check out the benefits from a Thermasol Steam Shower

Rejuvenate your skin: Steam hydrates the skin pores and more efficient blood circulation from a steam shower gives skin a healthy glow.  Detoxify: The soothing warmth of steam opens pores. Sweating profusely, the skin on the body releases toxins from everyday living.  Release Stress: The heat and moisture combination in steam rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere to calm the mind and lower stress levels.  There is a correlation between steam therapy and quality sleep patterns. Sleep better: Relaxing for 20 minutes at the end of the day in a steam shower regulates the body’s core temperature and increases blood flow.

These fabulous steam showers are also available for residential homes…WOO HOO! (Hear that honey????)  Makes sure to check out the link above for ThermaSol…xoxoxo