Beterre Skincare Safe For Everyone!

Beterre Skin + Care

The launch of Bétèrre Skin + Care, a brand new non-toxic beauty line featuring 12 innovative products including facial creams and serums, as well as cleansers for hair and body is making a splash in the beauty world!  Using a plethora of natural botanicals and minerals, Bétèrre hopes to cater to each and every consumer by meticulously selecting product ingredients based on safety, quality, purity and effectiveness!  I am loving the “Rescue Me Foot Cream,” and “The Golden Elixir.”  The entire line will rock your world! It smells like a spring garden in full bloom:)


Made from garden grown ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender, soy, marigold, chamomile and more, the 12 product skin and hair care line includes:

Deep Moisture Repair for Face – Transforms and rejuvenates dry, stressed skin

Balancing Face Serum – Hydrates, relieves and repairs stressed, combination skin

Refining Eye Serum – Hydrates and corrects the delicate skin around the eye while fighting puffiness and dark circles

All-In-One Facial Cleanser – Complete cleansing in one luxurious step

Clarifying Soothing Toner – For refreshed, rejuvenated & hydrated skin

Protect and Soothe Lip Balm – For soft, smooth & protected lips

Deeply Nourishing Body Moisture Cream – Long lasting, luxurious hydration

The Golden Elixir – Nourishes, softens and smoothes skin and hair

Rescue Me Foot Cream – Offers deep relief and long lasting moisture for feet

Scar Serum – Roll-on scar relief

Botanical Hair Tamer – To condition and smooth the wildest hair

Salve-A-Tion – Multi-use healing for dry, irritated skin

Bétèrre means better from the earth, with prices ranging from $12-$54.   Bétèrre Skin+Care products are now available online at

*Beterre was founded by the inspiring Gina Maisano, an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and double breast cancer survivor.  In 2002, while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Maisano began the creation of this product to symbolize how important it is to acknowledge not only what you’re putting into your body but ONTO it as well.