Beauty Products To Put You In A Good Mood Under $10!

Here are some fun beauty products that are bound to brighten your day:)  And guess what?!  They are all under $10!


1. The Cricket Co. hair tie tins are an everyday beauty essential – instead of rummaging through your purse desperately searching for a dusty ouchless hair tie…Voila! You’ve got your inspirational tin which allows you to pass hair ties out as easily as TicTacs! Cricket Co. hair tie tins are available at Ulta for $8.95

2. NOW Pure Lavender Oil – Add to your lotion, drop in your bath or dab onto your wrists. This is an essential calming steal at only $9.99 from GNC

3. Glitter Nail Polish – ‘Cause who doesn’t LOVE glitter? Morgan Taylor Lacquer in “Sweetest Thing” comes in at $9.00 on LOXA Beauty