Moms Back to School Beauty Mantra

back to school moms

SCHOOL IS BACK IS SESSION for most of us moms:(  That means life just got a little tougher and schedules are back to being slammed.  Go on, get out your “professional schlepper” hat and plop it back onto the top of your head…I already did…WAAH!  But stop! Take a deep breath and take care of you before you take care of the little ones.

Here are some great ways to treat yourself without spending too much time or money:

  1. Clear your mind for 10 minutes a day: If you can’t carve out a full hour for a workout class at the gym, take 10 minutes to slow down with at-home yoga, breathing exercises or stretches. Just a few moments a day can help you recharge so you can dive back into those Super-Mom duties.
  2. Give yourself an at-home treatment: There’s no need to spend a whole afternoon at the spa to get glowing skin. With the help of the new Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Hydrating Facial, you can get that spa-quality glow while you sleep…multi-tasking at its finest. The formula works through the night to restore skin’s natural radiance, revealing bright and healthy looking skin by morning.
  3. Feed your mind while you’re on-the-go: Try multi-tasking with audiobooks or podcasts while you’re driving, riding the subway or running errands. Whether you want to catch up on current events or the latest swoon-worthy romantic novel, these are great tools for keeping your mind sharp even during the busiest times.


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