Avoid Humid Effects This Summer



Summer time, summer time, sum, sum, summer time….We’re already into August with the sun super hot and humidity seeping in… Not always great on the hair, but the humidity does keep our skin moist and gives it a natural glow.

Remember to put a good anti-frizz cream or spray in your hair to keep it from frizzing all over your head and keep slapping on your SPF!  Even in the humid weather your skin can still get damaged by the harmful ultra UV rays:(

“Frizz beware…,” John Frieda, KMS, R+Co and Philip B, all make fabulous anti-frizz products. Prices may vary but we highly recommend these brands:)

Another suggestion to avoid frizz while at the beach is to put your hair in a pony tail and wear a hat. Definitely will keep your hair from flying all of the place and looking like you stuck your finger in an electric socket…HA!