Get Audrey Hepburn’s French Twist

Schwarzkopf is bringing back the banana updo, a hairstyle classic, also known as a French twist.  Most of us associate this timeless look with Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  The banana updo gives women a particularly graceful appearance. The vertical shape seemingly adds length to the neck and the style is adjustable to add personality flares in subtle ways.

french twist hair do

So to gear up for the holidays, we wanted to provide a quick breakdown from Schwarzkopf ULTIME’s celebrity hairstylist, Richard Collins, on how to achieve this twist for your next holiday outing.

How to Style the Banana Updo

1.       If you don’t have a full head of thick hair- apply volumizing powder and slightly tease your hair, giving added height and texture.

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schwarzkopf stylist ultime biotin and volume texture

2.       Dependent on your style and preference, part or don’t part your hair before gathering it loosely in the back of your head.

3.       For the classic banana updo you should gather your hair to a ponytail in the neck. Use hair wax or a light pomade to avoid fly-away hair.

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schwarzkopf stylist ultime crystal shine and hold

4.       Tightly twist the ponytail before pulling your hair up toward the top of your head. Keep on turning the ponytail around until it takes the shape of the typical banana. While you twist and pull the ponytail upward, use hidden bobby pins to secure the banana updo as it forms in the back of your head.

5.       You can twist the end of the ponytail into a decorative spiral shape or hide the ends inside the banana. Secure the ends of your hair using bobby pins.

6.       Secure the finished banana updo with hairspray. Dependent on the occasion, add accessories like flowers, feathers or decorative barrettes for more glamour.

We like: Schwarzkopf stylist ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray

hold and shine spray

*Don’t give up if you don’t create a masterful banana updo the first time around. Mastery will come with practice