At Home Pedicures


Guess what girls and boys…Beach days, BBQ, and bikinis are almost here, and it’s time to start preparing for the warm summer ahead. See below for tips from Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist to get your nails ready for summer.

Give your feet a summer makeover

What shades work best on fair, medium and dark complexions?

Fair skin, use white and blue undertones

Medium skin, use pink undertone

Dark skin, use transparent tones

Is it safe to cut cuticles?

Trimming or cutting cuticles during a manicure is purely cosmetic and sometimes doesn’t benefit the nail in any way. The cuticle is the barrier to protect the surrounding skin and help develop the nail from infections (bacteria).

How can one treat yellow/white nails?

The most common suggestion would be to stop using so much dark nail polish. Of course we all love using dark colors but this may cause your nails to become discolored. Secondly, always use a base coat. By using a base coat, you’re adding in a protective layer between your nails and the polish. This will also help to prevent staining and can actually help keep your nails healthier.