At Home Organic Henna Tattoos



Body adornment is all the rage now, but Earth Henna saw it coming back in 1997, when they opened the first temporary henna tattoo studio in the United States. Unprecedented media attention followed and they soon realized that people wanted an easy-to-use henna tattoo kit for home use, and since then they have been sold in stores like Whole Foods, Tilly’s and Urban Outfitters, just to name a few.

Earth Henna offers two different kinds of kits, one with superior quality henna from the fields of Morocco and one with black Jagua. Indigenous people in the Amazon use the jagua fruit to create temporary body art that looks just like real tattoos, without the pain, needles or permanence!

jagua tattoos

Their kits come with stencil transfers and all the tools and supplies used by professional artists and our products are safe, all-natural and not tested on animals. You will love these temporary henna tattoos!  We do:)!