Aquis Hair Towels For Damage Control!

aquis hair towels1

Keep your hair from getting frizzy, breaking and overall damage by using these wonderful hair towels created specifically to maintain the health of your hair.

aquis hair towels

This product is made from a space-age material that wicks away water to dry your hair super fast, without the damage that comes from cotton towels (yep cotton towels are the source of pretty much any damage you can think of).  Almost all the damage that befalls your hair, happens when it is wet (who knew?).  So, this gentle material that wicks away water quickly is essential when it comes to preventing damage.


Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel is made with their newest super-absorbent luxury AQUITEX, woven from ultra-fine fibers that are finer than silk to dry your hair quickly and gently without friction. The new Lisse Luxe is closest to their signature smooth lisse fabric and more absorbent and softer than ever.

EXTRA LONG Size: 19 X 52IN – 50 X 133CM

  • Dry your hair quickly, less blowdrying, save time
  • Ultra gentle on hair without friction for less frizz, split ends and hair breakage
  • Ultra lightweight, doesn’t pull down fragile wet hair
  • Wraps up easily and tucks under, freeing you up while your hair dries

*Used one this weekend and loved it!  So soft on my hair and noticed that my hair did not break off after using it!  These are a must have and make a fabulous gift for any occasion!

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