Apriori Beauty’s New Hydrating Face Mask Results

My skin is “GLOWING!”  I am thrilled!  Used a new hydrating face mask that I received the other day to check out.  All I can say is WOW!

Apriori Beauty’s newest skincare innovation, Celloxylin® Moisture Extreme, Hydrating Mask, is the first product to market with the patented Hydr018™ Activated Water™.

Let me tell you from my personal experience how this game-changing technology solves the skin/water hydration dilemma we all face. Check out my pics before, during and after, below…(these photos have not been retouched! Cross my heart:)

Just woke up and washed my face & towel dried.  Nothing is on my skin.

I applied a thin layer of the celloxylin moisturizing mask on my forehead, upper eye lids (be careful not get go too low so won’t get into your eyes), both cheeks, under eyes, neck and decollete.  Directions call for 10 -15 mins before rinsing off thoroughly.  I got a little caught up in laundry, lol, so left it on more like 30 mins.

It replaces regular water in the formula and this Activated Water™ is treated with plant-based ingredients to more closely mimic an oil. It still mixes the other ingredients together, while also maintaining and delivering its hydrating benefits to the skin!!! *Clinically-proven to hydrate skin up to 41% more than regular water girls and boys! This amazing Hydrating Mask will be made up of the highest percentage of ingredients actually working to improve skin’s hydration and health.

Taken right after I rinsed my face, neck and decollete area.  No cream has been applied yet and my skin look so hydrated! I am glowing:)  So, with that said, Te-see gives this Celloxylin Hydrating mask from Apriori Beauty the thumbs up on both hands baby!!!

*I also used it overnight per the directions.  I woke up, rinsed it off and my skin glowed…gotta love that