Fall Into Healthy Skin With Avon ANEW


Even though Labor Day has come and gone, summer is still around for a few more weeks.  So, do not let your skincare routine fade into the background. Avon’s consulting dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols, offers her skincare tip below to keep your skin fresh and glowing for the rest of the summer and right into fall.

 anew facial cleansing wipes

When traveling, always pack along travel sizes of your gentle cleanser or convenient Avon ANEW Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes

ultimate face cream from anew

and Avon ANEW Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream to moisturize the skin, especially if you’re planning a vacation or trip with ultra-dry humidity. Using hotel products or saying “I’ll just take a few days off” from your skincare regimen is a no-no! This can lead to an otherwise preventative flare-up, pesky pimple, or dull appearance.

These 2 products will help keep your skin glowing, avoiding dull looking skin going into the Fall weather:)