AlureVe Revolutionary Skincare

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AlureVé a new innovative skincare line that is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve hydration and aid in overall skin health. The line currently includes the AlureVé Day & Night Serum, the AlureVé Invisipatch™ Night Cream, and the AlureVé Targeted Treatment Patches for Under Eyes.

AlureVe skincare

The line was invented by Dr. Danyi Quan, a renowned scientist and world leader in transdermal research who has found a way to deliver significantly more active and pure ingredient into the epidermis.

Here’s how:

Most skin care products use the pores to get into the skin, which is highly inefficient. All it does is overfeed the cells around the pores and starve the rest of the skin. However, AlureVé’s ingredients take an alternate route – going through the skin’s tough armor.

Thanks to Dr. Quan’s patented, time-released delivery system, AlureVé carries the purest, optimally-formulated ingredients into the right skin layers at the right time. In fact, AlureVé’s advanced, time-release delivery system is clinically proven to deliver 5500% more active ingredient into the epidermis than standard lotions on the market! (No, this is not a typo!) In addition to AlureVé’s advanced, time-released delivery system and nature-based, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, the line also offers the most sophisticated level of technology available without needing a prescription.

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