Add Some Spice To Halloween

Finding group costumes can sometimes be tricky but since everyone loves throw backs, why not throw back to the ultimate girl group, the Spice Girls?

See how you can easily re-create their looks with Hairdo, Hair2Wear and Racquel Welch.

Ginger Spice = Hairdo Allure Wig in Glazed Cinnamon

Multilayered and voluminous, this medium-length shag is the mane attraction for those who want the “Ginger Spice” hair look. Tips are flipped and slightly texture throughout the wig.

Baby Spice = Hair2wear 21” Straight Extension in Platinum Blonde

Get your blonde on and amp up your length and volume with this clip in extension piece. Layered for seamless blending, the length of this extensions will give you the WOW factor. Once clipped into hair, easily put up for her signature long, high pigtails.

Posh Spice = Hairdo Classic Page Wig in Midnight Brown

Posh Spice’s short bob can be easily re-created with this alluring wig. Blunt, shoulder-length edges, soft bangs and the tapered side angles will give you the cool, polished, ‘Posh’ look.

Sporty Spice = Hairdo 25” Straight Pony in Ginger Brown or Chestnut

Wrap this long pony around your hair for a major fashion statement. The application is quick and allows you to get the perfect high pony that you need to be ‘Sporty’.

Scary Spice = Raquel Welch Brave The Wave Wig in Chocolate Copper, Chestnut or Mocha Foil

Get the perfect hair length and a start to the best curls with this easy-going textured wig. A modern vibe of Scary Spice curls that will give you the cool, chic look. Made of synthetic fiber, you’re able to use a curling iron and start curling away even more if you want that next level of Scary’s curls.