Achieve Royal Wedding Hair Styles At Home

The Royal Wedding is almost here!  One more day! So we wanted to share some hair styling tips and tricks from eSalon, to achieve Meghan Markle’s easy breezy look. eSalon, the innovative custom at-home hair color company, has everything you need to channel your inner Meghan Markle and her relaxed hair styles. While you may not be attending the Royal Wedding, these at home styles, outlined below, will make you feel like a princess and won’t break the bank.

Want to get her hair color? Meghan has a gorgeous deep shade of chocolatey brown with a pop of highlights giving her color dimension. Ask your colorist for a very cool Dark Brown with a kiss of caramel highlights at the tips.

How to:

  1. On day-old hair, spritz eSalon’s Dry Shampoo into the roots, taking 1 inch sections
  2. With a rat tail comb, make a center parting
  3. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic
  4. Twist hair and wrap around ponytail elastic making a loose bun
  5. Secure with bobby pins
  6. Pinch and pull hair at crown for added  volume
  7. Let a few face framing pieces  fall out of the bun for added relaxed feeling
  8. Smooth any flyaways with a Pump of Shine Silk

Pro tip:

  • To keep bobby pins locked in the hair, create extra grit with a spritz of dry shampoo on the pin.

Get Beach Waves Without The Beach!

How to:

  1. Starting with wet hair, cocktail a pump of Shine Silk and a dime sized amount of Universal Leave-In Conditioner.
  2. Massage the mixture into the hair working from ends to the midshaft
  3. Lightly work up to the roots
  4. Rough dry hair upside down for volume
  5. Once 80 percent dry, use a round brush with a concentrated nozzle to smooth hair
  6. Using a 1 to 2-inch curling iron, curl the hair front sections of the hair away from the face
  7. Alternate directions of curls leaving out ends of hair
  8. Allow curls to cool
  9. Rake hands through hair and shake out the curls

Pro Tip:

  • Want your style to look a little more night ready? Tuck one side behind the ear.