Accessories That Will Speak Volumes About Your Personality

Fashion is all about expressing yourself to the world around you. Everything that you decide to wear lets others around you draw a few conclusions about your character or interests. Think about it. You see a woman with black hair, big bangs and heavy eyeliner wearing a heavy band t-shirt and converse. You can take a guess that she’s likely into rock music and spends her time at local gig venues. If you see a guy with skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, doc martens, wide brimmed glasses, a man bun and scruffy beard you can guess that he frequents organic independent coffee bars and probably prefers shoegaze music. Now, you can’t always be spot on. But chances are you can really draw some general assumptions from the way others choose to express themselves with their appearance. You should apply this notion to your own personal style too! Here are a few accessories that can exude volumes about your personality.

An Engagement Ring

engagement ring

Nowadays, more people tend to be getting engaged without first being in receipt of their engagement ring. But the ring is such an essential piece of the process! It allows others to see that you are proudly in love. It’s traditionally a symbol of your partner’s appreciation of you. So make sure you have the right one. The design can also say a lot. Certain cuts, band colors, and stones can hint towards your interests and preferences. Diamonds exude class, gold bands imply a traditional outlook while platinum hints towards a more modern style. The best way to find the perfect ring for you is perhaps to customize it. Verragio is one of the few bridal designers that allows you to truly personalize your ring from the inside out. Check them out and see the opportunities that are available to you!

90s Fashion

90s design is back in full force and gracing the catwalks and high street alike. So get nostalgic and jump on the trend while you can! Go for pastel colored hair or space buns, chunky flatform shoes and invest in iconic accessories from the era, like chokers, mood rings and a little glitter here and there.


nose ring

Piercings are becoming more commonplace amongst us. While certain styles would have been considered taboo or controversial in the past, they are gaining increasing popularity in individuals of all ages and backgrounds. So perhaps it’s time to consider a new piercing to add to your style? Ears are a pretty safe bet, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to your lobes! There are so many different areas of the ear that can be adorned with jewelry that you’d be surprised. Check out tragus, rook, helix and double helix piercings. If you’re feeling a little more daring, try a nose piercing. This can be the traditional style or even the septum. Though the septum may appear a bit more extreme, it can be turned up and hidden from visibility while you are at work or in other professional situations. What’s more? You don’t have to have chunky pieces of piercing jewelry either! With the growing popularity of the sector, there are more and more dainty and pretty little designs. Check out Etsy for a one-off, unique piece.