How To Accent Casual Wear with Accessories

Feeling a little sassy this afternoon so I wanted to dress up my casual attire with some costume jewelry.  I love layering necklaces and mixing up textures.  It makes for a great conversation piece when I am out and about! Most importantly, it makes me feel good about how I look.  I know it’s a small thing but try it, I promise you will hold your head up high throughout the day xoxo

*The above photo features a piece I found on sale at Charming Charlies and a hand made piece from my friend Veronika Howard.

If you are anything like me, you have way too much jewelry and don’t care…lol  You will always want more. But, how can you switch up your look a bit with all those glorious pieces?  My response: spend an afternoon playing around with them.  Mix up your colors, lengths, and textures.  You might just amaze yourself with your styling abilities!

Here are some tips for DIY accessorizing your outfit:

1. If you are highlighting your neck area, then keep all other accessories to a minimum, i.e.; earrings should be studs and/or very simple.

2. If you choose a chunky necklace, double up with a thinner necklace that compliments the color or a few chains in similar colors to accent your main piece.

3. Combine a long necklace with one or more necklaces.

4.  Add a few dangling bracelets for more fun

I’d love to see your ideas!  Please send them my way via email or on any of my social networks.  If we like them we will repost and tag you!