A Girls Guide To Beating The Heat

Looking to stay cool this summer…?  Well, check out some of my favorite beauty items to help you do just that!


Stay sweat-free and odor-free all day long with Ban Purely Gentle Roll-On Deodorant ($10, Amazon.com)

This is a must have item, especially after a kick ass work out like I had this week with Mike Bash at Crunch Gym!  I sweat big time in his cardio boxing class!  But with ban deodorant I kept cool and smelled fresh! xo

Keep your hair off your neck with the help of Hairdo Simply Straight Pony ($49, Ulta.com)

This strut-your-stuff pony delivers the style points straight-up by instantly adding length, verve and volume to your ponytail. Wrap around easily and secure your pony high, low or to the side.  It looks amazing and will keep your hair off your face and neck!

Keep your skin moisturized while achieving a non-oily, velvety finish with Erborian BB Crème ($39, Sephora.com)

Containing break-through high-tech formulas, this BB Crème evens out and mattifies the complexion, moisturizes and plumps the skin, refines skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Your skin will appear visibly softer, smoother and beautiful with a silky feel.