54th Annual NY Film Festival

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Celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath worked with Kristen Stewart for ‘An Evening with Kristen Stewart’ during the 54th New York Film Festival on in New York, NY.

“We knew we wanted the hair up and back in some way. Then we talked about different textures and just keeping it piecey but in a chunky kinda way. Against the suit we wanted a cool not too “pretty” vibe. I love the look of small dreads so I liked the idea of creating a texture inspired by them.”

“We stared on damp hair. First I applied Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray from roots through ends and a healthy amount of Iles Formula Serum through out. I wanted to work with her natural texture in the front, so I did not brush or comb the front at all. I created about 10 miniature rope braids, twisting them into mini buns in the top and pinning them into place to set. From the top back of the head and back, I combed the product through, and rough dried the hair. I also dried over the mini knots to help them set and get them dry before I took them out. I created texture in the back using the Enzo Milano figure 8 iron and my 1/2 inch pin iron. I sprayed over the texture and the knots with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Then, starting at the nape of the neck I took a small section, twisted the hair up and pinned. I repeated, section after section until the back hair was all twisted together and up. Next, I removed the pins and carefully unwound the knots. They created a cool almost dread like texture. I love the effect of a rope braid because it’s crimpy almost and not the basic wave you get from a standard braid. I left a few sections somewhat twisted and some I added more texture with the irons. I added more Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and applied more Iles Formula Serum and then worked my hand into the front until I liked how much volume there was. I twisted some pieces back to join with the back, leaving a good amount down in the front. We then added a rose gold bobby pin on one side to hold a twist and be a functional detail.”