Fun Sparkly Holiday Beauty Tatts

white henna tattoos

Often referred to as “white henna” because of the henna-inspired designs created with the product, Earth Henna White Lace Tattoos are applied just like henna, but the mixture is made up of FDA-approved body paint and skin-safe adhesive which goes on the skin and dries instantly.

Actually, there is no such thing as white henna. Henna is a plant that stains the skin a reddish brown color.  Although photos of “white henna” are all over the internet, those designs are created with a mix of body paint and glue, which do not stain the skin.  Earth Henna White Lace Tattoos are perfect for events like weddings or a holiday party since they only last 1 to 5 days.  This January 2017, they will offer them with silver glitter so you can choose to keep your tattoo white or make it sparkly.  So much fun to do at home and the end results looks great!