2017 Celeb Wedding Fashion Trends

2017 has seen many marriages occur. From the secret weddings of Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus to the more publicised weddings such as Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher. Everyone knows that celebrities are usually so extra with their fashion. So whether it’s everyday wear, or their wedding attire, they’ll always have something extravagant to show off. From the dresses, to the jewelry, let’s explore some of the trends of 2017.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel wedded back in May. Miranda’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. It was custom made Dior Haute Couture dress. It was a high necked, long sleeve stunning gown. She chose this design as she believed being fully covered up shows a sense of purity. As it flowed down, the dress puffed out into a traditional wedding gown style. The material was beautiful silk, which really gave off a look of elegance. It was buttoned down the back rather than zipped, complete with embroidered flowers which really made the dress look pretty. It was completed with the traditional veil pulled back over the hair. Spiegel also wore a Dior custom morning suit, with a long tail jacket that really gave off a gentleman’s look.

Pippa Middleton

Although not technically a celebrity, she is sister to the princess of the Duchess of Cambridge, and is known by so many from around the world. She definitely had a royal/celeb style wedding, with hundreds turning up to the ceremony. Pippa wore a lace dress, custom designed by Giles Deacon. It was a high neck dress again, but had the sleeves short. The dress flowed beautifully down rather than broadening out at the bottom. The trail was of medium length, and really suited Pippa’s figure. It was completed with a long flowing veil the covered the face, and swooped down the back to floor length. Pippa’s huge engagement ring dazzled guests as she walked down the aisle. James was said to have spent thousands on the ring. Similar cheaper one’s can be found through designers such as tacori. James also wore a tailored suit, with again, a long flowing traditional tail.

Jim Parsons

Switching it up a little here, but fashion at gay weddings is always fabulous. One of the biggest weddings of the year has been big bang theory star Jim Parsons, and long term boyfriend Jim Spiewak. Both wore tailored Tom Ford suits. Parsons was the more macho of the two, with an all black jacket and trousers. Unlike the first two weddings, Parsons suit stopped at the hip, rather have the long back tail. Spiewak sported the same design of suit, but with a lovely looking blue velvet material instead. His collared was lined black instead of blue, and really looked smart again Parsons all black suit. Again, it was tailored to stop at the hip rather than being longer.

There’s just three examples of beautiful wedding gowns and suits. There’s so many amazing designs out there it’s hard for people to choose the perfect one. But with so much money like celebrities these days have, it’s easy to see why they look so stunning on their big day.