May 10 Your Daily Body Wash Gets a RepHresh

RepHresh is proud to introduce 2 new pH-balanced washes to their line of women’s health products providing women 24-hour odor protection, relief and comfort for ultimate personal confidence.

rephresh soothing wash.png2

RepHresh™ Soothing Wash formula is pH-balanced and can be used for daily intimate care. It provides instant soothing relief and comfort with a lightly scented formula that continues to work for up to 24-hours.

rephresh soothing wash

RepHresh™ Active Fresh Wash acts as a deodorizer and odor neutralizer for up to 24-hours and includes a freshening botanical+ complex of calendula, citrus fruit and ginseng root for instant freshness and continuous odor protection.

Walk out in public more confident knowing you smell fresh and clean from head to toe:)

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