Sep 21 Q-tips Beauty Rounds For All Your Beauty Needs!

Q-tips Beauty Rounds are perfect for makeup application and removal with plush soft cotton and an added layer of spun lace for extra strength.


q tip beauty rounds

The great thing about Q-tips Beauty Rounds is that they are hygienic and disposable. With more soft cotton than the leading cotton pad, Q-tips Beauty Rounds are ultra-absorbent and the perfect tool to round out your beauty routine (great for removal and application of makeup!) I LOVE THEM!!!!


  • Break-up with the Brush: We know you are tied to your makeup brushes and they’ve likely been with you for a while. Avoid makeup build-up by using a fresh Q-tips® Beauty Round to apply powder.

  • At-home Porefection: Steaming is known to help balance your complexion. After cleansing and steaming, pat dry with a Q-tips® Beauty Round to avoid scratching skin with a harsh towel while pores are open and exposed.

  • “Undo” Too Much Bronzer: Using a Q-tips® Beauty Round, blend bronzer, then apply translucent powder to mitigate the heaviness of the darker hue.

  • Swipe to Highlight: Instead of a brush, apply shimmer powder to the bridge of your nose and above cheek bones using a Q-tips® Beauty Round for a seamless finish.

  • Perfectly Flushed Cheeks: Apply blush on-the-go using a Q-tips® Beauty Round to add a little flush to your cheeks! Blend for a seamless finish. The outcome? No streaks!

  • Get Rid of Bags: Dampen Q-tips® Beauty Rounds and chill them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Once cool, remove and place under eyes to banish bags. The coolness will help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

  • Combat Shiny Skin: Freshen up throughout the day by blotting skin with a Q-tips® Beauty Round to absorb sweat and oil without ruining your makeup. They are soft on skin and won’t crumple like an oil sheet!

  • Mask Removal: Use a Q-tips® Beauty Round to gently and effectively remove a facial mask with toner.

  • Gently Apply Creams: Hydration is key, especially in the colder winter months. Apply moisturizer to a Q-tips® Beauty Round for a touch-up without having to use your fingers.

  • Under Eye Hydration: Everyone applies eye cream differently, but soft massaging and patting are the best methods. Either way, ensure you are being gentle around the eye area. To avoid tugging at delicate skin, apply eye cream to a Q-tips® Beauty Round and place one under each eye. Relax for a few minutes to allow eye cream to penetrate into the skin.

  • Apply Sunscreen: Use a Q-tips® Beauty Round to apply sunscreen and to ensure even distribution.

  • Soothe Sunburn: Soak Q-tips® Beauty Rounds in Aloe Gel and delicately apply to sunburned skin.

Eye Makeup

  • Easy Mascara and Eye Makeup Removal: Hold a Q-tips® Beauty Round soaked in eye makeup remover on your lashes for a few seconds. This technique gently removes mascara and eye makeup without any harsh rubbing on eyelashes or eyelids.

  • A Flake-less Finish: Fold a Q-tips® Beauty Round in half creating a semi-circle shape and place under your eye when applying eye shadow. This catches the unwanted excess shimmery flakes that fall under eyes.

  • A Shadowless Smokey Eye: Last minute drinks? You don’t need the whole kit & caboodle to transition from conferences to cocktails. Line top and bottom lash lines with eyeliner and gently smudge with the edge of a rolled up Q-tips® Beauty Round. To take it one step further, dab the beauty round into your favorite fragrance-free lip balm and apply over the liner for a glossy, rock’n’roll finish.

  • Metallic Eye: Apply a small amount of loose shimmery highlighting powder to the center of the lids, over your shadow, using a damp Q-tips® Beauty Round and blend left and right. This adds dimension to the eye and gives them a gorgeous sparkle.


  • Nailing the at-home Manicure: Next time you go to remove nail polish, ditch the cotton balls and pour a little remover on Q-tips® Beauty Rounds.

  • Apply Nail Stickers: To apply a nail sticker or flash tattoos press a wet Q-tips® Beauty Round against the temporary tattoo for a perfect application.

  • Soak off Gel Polish: To remove tricky gel polish, soak Q-tips® Beauty Rounds in acetone then place on top of your nails. Wrap your nails (with the Rounds on top of them) in aluminum foil for five minutes so the acetone sets in, then gently remove gel polish.


  • “Undo” Too Much Perfume: Apply unscented lotion or rubbing alcohol to your over-scented area via Q-tips® Beauty Round.

  • Forgo Incense: Revive a room by placing a few Q-tips® Beauty Rounds in a vanity bowl with a few drops of scented oil.

  • No-Mess Self-Tanner Application:  Apply self-tanner using Q-tips® Beauty Rounds to avoid getting product on fingers or the palms of your hands.

  • Leg Contouring: Ensure legs look “toned” by contouring with a bronzing gel and liquid highlighter. Avoid messy application by applying bronzer to the entire leg with a Q-tips® Beauty Round. Then apply highlighter to the front (shins, center of thighs) and back of legs.

  • On-The-Go Beauty: Have an empty Q-tips® Cotton Swabs purse pack? Store your Q-tips® Beauty Rounds in the case for on-the-go beauty touch-ups.

  • Shoe Shining: Moisten a Q-tips® Beauty Round with water to erase winter salt from shoes.

Beauty Hacks

  • Fragrance On-The-Go: Saturate a few Q-tips® Beauty Rounds with your favorite perfume and place in a plastic bag for fragrance touch-ups throughout the day. This will eliminate some of the clutter in your daytime bag or evening clutch!

  • Avoid Eye Shadow Breakage: Carefully stuff a few Q-tips® Beauty Rounds inside your makeup palettes to keep them from breaking when traveling.

  • Don’t Lose Earrings: Pierce earrings through a Q-tips® Beauty Round so that you don’t lose them in your bag when traveling.

Q-tips® products are available at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, and many other mass market retailers nationwide.

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