Apr 28 New Rusk Hair Styling Products

Change your hair like you change your mind!

Bangs vs. No Bangs


RUSK is shaking up the hair industry with two new, breakthrough launches that allow you to switch up your style anytime, anywhere.  All you need to do is apply RUSK Heatshift to create your first look and then the possibilities are endless for the following styles. Imagine straightening your hair in the morning and then deciding to spice it up and go curly for a night out (or even curly to straight). What previously took an additional full wash, product application, blow dry and curling iron - now only requires the application of heat. It really is that simple!

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NEW! RUSK Heatshift ($18.00; ULTA, ULTA.com, Fine Beauty Salons Nationwide)

A restyling cream with a unique shapeshift ability that allows you to change up any style without the need to shampoo or re-apply product.  Activate and reactivate with heat or hot tools to heatshift any style, anytime and anywhere. Provides color protection and strengthening benefits while reducing your blow dry and style time by 50%.

1st Style: Apply to damp hair. Style with blow dryer and styling tool for maximum results.

2nd Style: To restyle, apply heat from a styling tool. For maximum results set styling temperature above 120ºF/50ºC. No need to repeat Heatshift application after the first use!

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NEW! RUSK Mousse ($18.00; ULTA , ULTA.com, Fine Beauty Salons Nationwide)

Delivers long-lasting voluminous styles that won’t let you down. The rich, creamy texture adds structure to even the hardest-to-hold styles. Lift from the roots or use for allover volume while defying humidity for long-lasting definition and bounce.
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