Sep 20 New DECLEOR Body Firming


We just love this new body line!  Your skin will feel and look smoother in just a few days!  Check it out...

DECLÉOR Paris has officially launched a new, clinically-proven body collection— AROMA SVELT!  It consists of 2 brand new products that are highly targeted to smooth, slim and firm the body in addition to being the best at-home follow up for sustainable results from professional body treatments.

The new AROMA SVELT collection features two steps, including the AROMESSENCETM SVELT BODY REFINING OIL SERUM and AROMA SVELT BODY FIRMING OIL-IN-CREAM, which work together as a system to provide a refined, firmed AND toned appearance.

Ø  Step 1: Refine, Drain Toxins & Smooth the Appearance of Cellulite— Using centimetric measurement, 77% of subjects saw a reduction of 1 cm on the perimeter of their upper thighs, and 72% saw a reduction of 1.1 cm on the perimeter of their hips.

DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™ SVELT BODY REFINING OIL SERUM: This 100% natural serum refines the body. It drains toxins and smooths the appearance of cellulite, restoring softness and elasticity.With a dry-touch and light texture, its concentrated 7 Essential Oils instantly penetrate the skin to smooth and refine the body. Available now for $72 at

Ø  Step 2: Firm, Smooth & Tone— After use, firmness and elasticity was shown to increase by 17.1%

DECLÉOR AROMA SVELT BODY FIRMING OIL-IN-CREAM: This oil-cream firms and smooths the body for visibly soft and supple skin that feels more toned.Formulated with a cocktail of Essential Oils that instantly melt on the skin when massaged, the result is smooth, nourished skin with improved strength, quality and vitality. Available for $66 at
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