Mar 3 NEW Body Care Launches from Skin+Pharmacy



The latest spring launches from Skin+Pharmacy:  No matter the skin concern, the NEW Skin+Pharmacy Advanced Skin Therapy collection has a solution, featuring moisture restoring technologies, that help improve skin’s texture and firmness while providing long lasting moisture retention effects (without a prescription!).

From hydrating body lotions and hand creams to diabetic moisturizers and healing gels, the powerful paraben-free products help achieve healthy skin from head to toe. Here are some favorites:

·         Stretch Mark Lotion – Features powerful peptide technology, Regu®-Stretch, to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and peptide complex Vanistryl® to improve skin brightness while Hyaluronic Acid and botanical extracts including mango, aloe and shea butter help skin feel hydrated and moisture-rich.

·         3-in-1 Itch Relief Lotion – Magnetized Moisture Technology delivers enhanced hydration to improve and maintain skin’s moisture balance while colloidal oatmeal soothes itching and calms the look of skin irritation and redness.

·         Healing Gel – Features skin softener allantoin to heal dry, rough skin while stimulating cell regeneration for healthy skin and Magnetized Moisture Technology for continuous hydration.

These products are fabulous! Use them daily and you will see results! Affordably priced for all budgets.
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