Jul 21 Look Stunning With These Home Beauty Tips

On our little section of the internet, we take beauty seriously, and we are sure you do too. But, you might be tired of buying all those expensive beauty products. So, we've got the answer. On this post, you will find plenty of little tips on how you can look beautiful without the usual cost involved.

Whiter Teeth

whiter teeth

A healthy smile is a beautiful one, and we know how to get your teeth whiter than pearls. To whiten teeth at home, you should use this natural remedy. Mix a couple teaspoons of baking powder with enough natural lemon juice to make a paste. Apply enough on your toothbrush to cover the bristles and wipe the paste on. Leave the paste for one minute and then remove it to avoid acid damage from the lemon. The effects will not be instantaneous but after the first few times you will start to see a visible difference. *It should go without saying but if you want white teeth, then avoid dark drinks such as caffeine and coke.

Eye Baggage

If you want to get rid of the bags under your eyes, start by getting a good nights sleep. After all, you are certainly going to need one if you are no longer drinking coffee. To do this, we suggest you have a warm drink before bed and switch off the computer in your room. You may also want to switch your phone off, but you might be using if for your alarm. However, studies have shown that having electrical devices disturb a person's sleeping pattern. After a couple weeks of good night rests, you will see those bags under your eyes start to disappear. But, there is more that you can do. Chewing on celery gets rid of the fluid that builds up underneath the eyes. Putting pieces of cucumber over your eyes for a couple of hours also soaks it up. Trust us, it may sound cliche, but it does work.

Thicker Hair

how to get your hair to grow

We stare in the mirror wondering why our hair looks thin. Then we remember that we have been straightening, blow drying and dying it for years. If you are like us, you may have killed your hair, but there is a way to get it back looking healthy. All you need to do is to stop washing it as regularly. This will bring back the natural oils that are present within your hair and make it look shiny and thick. If you cannot bear the idea of not washing your hair every day, try some natural shampoo made of coconut oil. Natural ingredients are far better than the chemicals they fill big brand shampoos with. You may also want to try the natural remedy of using tea bags to make your hair shinier. Heat two tea bags in boiling water, then wait for it to cool down. After that, wash your hair with it and rinse thoroughly. You will soon have golden locks to rival the Disney princess, Rapunzel.

We hope you use these tips and smile when you see the effect it has had in just a few weeks.

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