May 18 LING Body Balm Butter For Fabulous Skin

body butter and balm


LING Skincare FeeLING Beautiful Body Balm Butter is a softening aromatherapy body moisturizer formulated with certified organic ingredients. Olive oil and shea butter nourish and hydrate the skin, while jasmine & frangipani essential oils help promote joyful feelings, balanced emotions and beautify the mind, body & spirit. 

It is certified organic and I just LOVE IT!!!  The smell alone lifts my spirits especially since sunny LA has been extremely gloomy and cold this May!  It goes on smoothly and remember...a little goes a long way!  Retails for $35. Visit LING to purchase and to check out her entire line which is AWESOME!

*Directions: Take a deep breath, open your heart and appreciate the simple joys and opportunities of the present moment. Apply on hands, body and temples.

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