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Beyoncé, can you handle this? Move over hot sauce – we’ve got new “swag” for queen B to add to her daily regime. Made straight from the hive, Royal Jelly can firm, grow and protect against aging all in one. This multifunctioning master is produced by worker bees and given to the Queen of the hive, while she tirelessly creates honey and reproduces. For your skin, Royal Jelly works as a layer of nutrients to protect and heal.

You gotta do much better, if you want good skin for life! Use Jeffrey James Botanicals The Creme, infused with Royal Jelly among other skin strengthening ingredients to achieve lighter, brighter and younger skin.


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Are you ready for this Royal Jelly? Work this into your regime and we’ll be having you looking beautylicious in no time!  Rich in flavonoids, enzymes and amino acids help to preserve and restore proteins in your skin for a more youthful appearance.


  • Vitamin C

  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • Glycolic Acid

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