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Cynthia Ransom, a very busy holistic practitioner, was compelled to create much needed skincare products that were convenient, affordable, luxurious and truly natural.  And more importantly, proven to yield genuine results.  She desired to create an effective yet simple anti-aging routine using holistic ingredients and a few secret weapons.  Her skin repairing arsenal included a mystical formula received a 68 year old Shaman that Cynthia will tell you has “amazing skin!” This woman was her client!

good karma all in one face cream

The Shaman (or ‘medicine woman’) partnered with Good Karma to share her seven oil formula she received in meditation; thus Lux 7 was born. Using the oil as the foundation, Cynthia worked with bio-chemists for over two years to perfect her nutrient dense formulations. Once finalized, simplifying the beauty process was realized by taking four of her products; a daily moisturizer, a skin refining serum, an eye cream and a night cream and combining them into ONE JAR. Thus Lux 7 All-in-One Face Cream was born.

Using her holistic science knowledge and experience, Cynthia also helped to pioneer a new process used in all Good Karma products; Bio-Fresh™ is advanced homeopathy that helps to preserve the integrity of ingredients and direct the botanicals to work in synergy, creating beautiful complexions. And of course, they kept the original seven oil recipe as Lux 7 Rejuvenating Facial Oil. You can see the entire line of Lux 7 products at:

Good Karma Skincare’s ingredients are derived from 100% natural and renewable resources. Cynthia’s Holistic background takes it even further, banning many unsafe natural and hidden ingredients commonly found in other products. Good Karma proudly boasts; “We don’t test on animals, we feed them”.  As a matter of fact, a portion of every sale supports their program Beauty feeds the Beasts™, which provides a meal for an animal in a shelter.

Now that’s Good Karma!
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