Apr 22 Get Rid of Cellulite With MD Lipo Lotion!

4 out of 5 women complain about cellulite...that ugly orange peel dimpling effect that seems to pop up in areas that you would rather it didn't!  But guess what girls....

MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE® JUST MADE FDA HISTORY!  Cellulite-Busting therapeutic massager and skin Lotion are first Cosmetic to Receive FDA Listed and Registered Status to keep cellulite from invading your body!

get rid of cellulite

We have all rolled our eyes at claims that a product will give us an advantage in the ongoing war with those pesky dimples and loose skin.
Finally, there is special combination to help us improve the appearance of these problem. Recently registered with the FDA, our therapeutic
vibrating applicator when used with our special formula addresses these issues head on. The therapeutic vibrator helps deliver our
formulated cream containing 5 ingredients shown to improve your skin’s appearance.

XANTALGOSIL C – Lipolytic, used to improve microcirculation, for body firming, body contouring, and as a moisturizer
SCOPARIANE BPC -- To inhibit the formation of new adipocytes (adipose tissue, or fat) for a slimmer, smoother look
CHLORELLAGEN-DP – To smooth out wrinkles, and protect your collagen from future degradation
REGU®-STRETCH Compound -- A blend of Panthenol, Palmitoyl-tripeptide-5, and Marrubium vulgare, an exotic flowering herb. Blended to reduce inflammation, support collagen production, and keep skin moist and supple
CAFFEINE – Known for centuries as a stimulating, energizing ingredient

It retails for $69.99 but you can find it cheaper if you do a little web searching!
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