Jan 24 Protandim Your Natural Fountain of Youth

The closest thing you will ever find to The Fountain of Youth is Protandim.

The ONLY supplement on the market today clinically proven to reduce the #1 cause of aging, oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. This all natural daily supplement is a NRF2 Synergizer that activates the body’s anti-oxidant enzymes to eliminate free radicals which cause inflammation.  Studies on Protandim have been published in respected  medical journals such as Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Journal of Dietary Supplements and The American Heart Association's Circulation.

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This Sunday January 27th at 4pm, you are invited by Protandim Distributor, Cathey Painter, to come and hear about a groundbreaking product!


2427 Astral Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90046

*There will be a short presentation on the product and the business.  You may not be interested in the business, but you will definitely not want to miss out on this product.

**Please RSVP by phone (323) 876-1432 or e-mail cathey@catheypainter.com

I have been taking Protandim for 1 week now and already my memory is sharper, I feel more energetic at 6:20 am and my joints are no longer stiff!  You should not miss this event if you are in Los Angeles this weekend!


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