Jun 8 EYLURE LONDON’s New Enchanted Lashes

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a Princess who day and night dreamt of lustrous lashes and longed to find that one true perfect lash!  Some were too short, some a little too clumpy and some just wouldn’t last the day.

After searching far and wide she stumbled upon a lash fairy who whispered in her ear “behold the magic of the Eylure tree… there you’ll find the answer to your quest, the finest lashes in all the land.”

The Princess couldn’t believe her luck, at long last she’d found what she’d been looking for…

the perfect lash!

And she lived happily ever after.


Behold the Enchanted collection.  Like your most treasured fairy tale, The End is imminent.  These lashes are awesome! Wore them out to a party and my eyes looked huge and gorgeous!!!!

te-see wearing eylure london lashes


Be the belle of the ball with this beautifully full and dark lash.  The diffused tips add length and volume; the perfect lash to complement any ballroom gown.

eylure enchanted review


eylure london grace

Cast a spell with this longer, textured lash. Flirty, chic and versatile, Eylure’s Grace Lashes will allow you to radiate confidence both day and night while maintaining a polished, natural finish.



eylure london lashes charm

Guaranteed to sweep Prince Charming of his feet, the angled finish and fuller outer edge add extra definition, a dreamlike quality and a touch of drama to any makeup routine.



eylure london new enchanted lashes review

Light, subtle and sweet textured, Eylure’s Poise Lashes are the ultimate in natural beauty.  Delicate, yet hassle-free they are perfect for any day time adventure.

Eylure’s latest collection is enchanting, ethereal, breathtaking and not so much in a land far, far away...

July 2015, SRP $6.99 exclusively at Ulta

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