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Q: Do you buy all of the products you review?

A: All products reviewed on BSW (unless specifically noted) are sent to us by the PR firm who represents the company for free. We do not write about any beauty product unless we have tried it first, and can give our readers an honest, an unbiased review.

Q: If you receive and review free products, how do we know you’re not being swayed by all the swag?

A: The FTC has recently decided to make an example of a lot of the beauty blogger’s online. Sad since so many of our readers usually read our reviews first before buying anything. The American public has reason, and judgment when it comes to deciding which products will, in turn, work for them and are worth their hard earned money. Hence: this disclaimer.

All of our readers know thatour staff of writers at BSW only review products they feel passionate about, and think are worth your exploration.  Not just a beauty & fashion site, we take our work, writing, and recommendations very seriously.  If we write about it on BSW, then it means it got the big BSW thumbs up!  And as they say here in Hollywood “That’s our final answer, and we’re sticking to it!”

So with that being said….

If you have a product(s) you would like us to review?  BSW and their team of beauty and fashion experts are ready to help spread the word and get your product on the first page of google!

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