Oct 14 Compeed For Fighting Blisters

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As we find ourselves transitioning our shoes from summer sandals to sky-high stilettos, our feet are definitely feeling the wear and tear of the changing of seasons.  And there is nothing worse then putting on a pair of shoes and getting a horrible, painful blister:( Luckily, COMPEED, the newest solution for relieving blister pain, has instantly got us covered!

compeed for blisters

COMPEED® Blister Cushions feature hydrocolloid technology that fits like a second skin and stays on all day long to relieve blister pain instantly

It's no wonder 97% of European women who rated and reviewed COMPEED said they would recommend it to a friend, and now the products are finally available here in the USA!  Compeed has a variety of sizes for your personal blister needs and can be purchased at Walgreens.  These will change your life and now you can walk with confidence and more importantly, comfort!

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