May 8 Top 5 Ways To Wear A Man’s Suit

So you need to buy a new suit for a summer wedding. Even if you cut the cost and head to the Suit Shop at George at ASDA, you might still balk at buying something new to only wear it once.

Never fear, there are many ways in which a single smart suit can be re-worn, and many times that your new purchase will come in handy – so think of a new suit as an investment and take note of these five different ways to wear one suit:

best men's suit for a wedding

Wedding Suit

It’s always nice to have a new outfit for the big day, especially if the bride and groom are close friends or family members. Whether you chose a regular fit or a trendy slim fitting suit, all that you need to add is a crisp shirt and a smart tie and you’re wedding ready.

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There’s a wide range of men’s ties available at George at ASDA. Forget stripes or checks as they can be a bit too ‘business meeting’. Why not go instead for a slim fit tie, like the Sheen Skinny at £3 from George, or an iridescent premium tie, to suit the occasion.

top men's ties this summer

Find out the wedding colour scheme from the bride and groom – then avoid it. While you might think you’re doing them a favour by blending in, what you don’t want is to cause confusion by having guests and members of venue staff mistake you for an usher or other person of importance!

Work Suit

Those with an office type job with a dress code will find that a new suit instantly refreshes a workwear wardrobe. Avoid white shirts and go for something a little more corporate like a light blue or a soft grey. A stripe tie like the £3 ‘Textured Stripe Tie’ at George at ASDA, adds the perfect finishing touch that says that you mean business.

Even if your job isn’t office based, a suit will always come in useful for future job interviews and promotion meetings, whatever line of work you are in.

Formal Suit

Between formal work do’s and special occasions, there are likely to be many chances for you to wear your suit the formal way. Just add shiny shoes, a crisp white shirt and either a black silk tie or a black bow tie and you’re good to go. Or, if you choose, add a sleek black waistcoat for an extra formal touch.

These formal extras needn’t add excessively to the cost of your outfit. You’ll find a white shirt and slim black tie set at ASDA George for just £8, so there’s no excuse for not smartening up your act for formal occasions.

Dinner Suit

A special dinner calls for a special suit, and there’s nothing quite like dressing up for an evening of fine dining! Maybe give the tie a miss to keep the look ‘off duty’, and choose a trendy shirt – black or silver/grey are nice evening choices of colour.

Casual Suit

Split your suit into separates and you can use it for more casual occasions. For example, wear the trousers with a shirt, or the jacket with jeans, for a smart/casual evening look that won’t look out of place in that trendy bar, smart restaurant or cool club.

Find all options for suit and formal wear at bargain prices at George at ASDA online to keep you looking sharp for your next occasion.


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