Feb 6 The Best Lip Balm Ever!


I want to share a beauty product with you that I have fallen in love with. It is called T.L.C. Lip Balm and it is the bomb!!  Jill Markowicz, who is the creator of this fabulous lip balm, is on to something, giving us not just the balm, but the gloss too. The perfect combination for gorgeous, healthy looking lips.

Jill formulated them based on the needs of her clients who were constantly disappointed with the products that were out there to choose from. They were always either too sticky, too waxy, ineffective or had an annoying fragrance or taste, says Jill. So, she set out to hopefully address all of those issues, which I think was definitely accomplished. She also wanted to have the most natural ingredients she could find and the highest quality of those ingredients. One of the reasons the balm is so effective is because of the quality of the aloe, Vitamin E, and oils used to create them. Next, she set out to choose a colorless one and made sure the one with color only enhanced natural lip color and didn't mask it.

The sheen in the balms makes them luminous on your lips, but is therapeutic at the same time. Throw in a silky consistency and that was the result! "I've had so many people tell me that it's the only product that has worked for them."  Well, we were sold from the moment we first applied to our own lips.

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Check out a few testimonials from clients who are fans for life:

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your new T.L.C. Lip Balm.  I have not been able to wear lipstick, or any lip care product, for years.  Everything I've tried, even “natural” products, have made my lips red and sore after one application.  Your product has solved that problem.  No redness, dryness or soreness ~ just soft lips with a hint of color.  Thanks!”  - Jinx

“Over the last six months I have spent numerous UNSUCCESSFUL trips to various dermatologist offices  to treat some form of lip irritation.  My lips were red, swollen, and itchy!  Several doctors prescribed different medications, which had no effect.  In just one overnight application of the Vanilla T.L.C., my lips were healed, and after daily use I have not experienced any reoccurring problems.  The combination of oils in this lip balm has amazing healing properties, not to mention that it smells and tastes good!”  - Melissa

You can purchase a set of 2 T.L.C. Lip Balm's here for $42.

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