Jan 22 Stop Necklaces From Tangling

Ever try to grab for your favorite necklace while rushing to get out the door, only to find that it’s been tangled up with several other trinkets in your jewelry drawer?

keep necklaces from tangling


Necklace Saver® to the rescue!  Just place your necklace into the open slot on the ‘saver’ made of organza fabric, clasp the necklace closed, tie the ends together – and voilà – problem solved!

The patent-pending Necklace Saver®:

  • Keeps your necklaces tangle free and organized!

  • Is ideal for home or travel!

  • Allows the necklace to retain its natural circular shape

  • Is transparent - see your necklaces without having to open boxes or pouches

  • Makes it a breeze to select your necklace in a hurry!

  • Is made from lightweight, iridescent pastel organza

  • Can be used by itself – in a drawer, purse or suitcase - or in jewelry boxes and trees

  • Available in 2 widths and 2 lengths to accommodate most necklaces

These make an excellent Valentine's Day gift!!!

We can't live without these!  Retails for $8.95. For more info and/or to purchase visit The Necklace Saver.

*A portion of every sale is donated to orphanages around the world!

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