Mar 25 Spring Clean Your Face With Osea

This Spring we start cleaning house...we go through our closets getting rid of the winter clothes and replacing them with vibrant spring colors.  But what about our skin?  It's so important to take off that dead layer of winter skin on your face and prep it for the warmer seasons ahead.  OSEA can get you started with their wide variety or vegan skincare.

get your skin ready for spring


I would suggest trying their Black Algae Mask.  Put it on at night while you are cleaning up after your kids and by the time you are finished it's time to wash it off.  Your skin will feel amazing.  I could feel my skin tingling as I was getting my daughter's lunch ready.  After I washed it off my skin looked so radiant.  It was fabulous!


get glowing skin


I followed my mask with OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil.  A 30% blend of pure essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Calendula and Geranium provide an advanced degree of deep hydration, working to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This extraordinary blend restores the youthful glow and luster diminished by the effects of the sun and aging and promotes the rapid healing of various skin conditions.


best skin protection


An ideal lightweight daily moisturizer for all skin types is OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream.  This cream  combines a marine base with dermal proteins to buffer the skin from dehydration, pollution and the elements. The ultra thin barrier locks in moisture and heals skin ravaged by age, sun, wind and stress. The natural emollient properties of seaweed give this cream a unique and light silky texture. Vitamins A and E strengthen collagen and elastic fibers. Quick absorption makes it an ideal base to apply makeup and blend foundation.

All products can be found at OSEA.


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